Kambi's expanded product portfolio             

Flexibility has always been at the core of Kambi's successful turnkey product strategy, empowering our partners with extensive differentiation capabilities to stand out in a competitive market, from UX to odds. Now, we have taken this flexibility to the next level, expanding our services by opening up our platform and introducing a portfolio of modularised services that will deliver a premium experience for all operators, regardless of their level of outsourcing.

No matter what an operator's sports betting needs and requirements may be, Kambi has a market-leading package to suit. This enhanced flexibility is showcased through three distinct product bundles: Kambi Complete, Kambi Flex, and Kambi Select.

Kambi Complete

Lead the market with the world's most trusted, revenue-driving, full turnkey sportsbook. Typical operators may include:

  • Multi-national gaming-focused operators
  • Tribal operators
  • Local heroes
  • New entrants with databases but limited sportsbook experience

Kambi Flex

Build on Kambi's open platform with a mix and match of Kambi and third-party products. Typical operators may include:

  • Mix of company types e.g. state lotteries, incumbent operators with legacy tech
  • May have some experience of sports betting
  • Has requirements for own trading
  • Requires sportsbook platform

Kambi Select

Enhance your sportsbook with our selection of high-quality modular services. Typical operators may include:

  • Leaders in mature markets
  • Operate in a proprietary sportsbook platform

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